Winnipeg Prototyping Inc, Services pricing. Please note following prices are subject to change without prior notice. All prices are in CAD.

FDM printing starts at $30.

Resin printing starts at $40.

DIY post processing: This is a great way to keep your prices low. Lets us know when order. (Here you will be doing the support cleaning or post processing of the 3D print.)

3D Scanning printing starts at $69. (Miniatures, 1-6 inch)

Black/Shiny objects subject to additional charge from $20

CAD processing/cleaning of scanned 3D objects starts at: $149

Starts at $450

Starts at $200

Starts at $100.


Oversee supplier Starts at $55

Canadian supplier Starts at $400

Our plan is bring Canadian supplier prices to $50 if we have enough orders. Supplier has mandatory tooling cost of $150 USD for any new PCB. If we can get 5-10 orders at the same time we can share tooling cost between customers and hoping to get Canadian PCB manufacturing prices low with fast turnaround time close to 7-10 days.

Starts at $400. Contact us with project requirements. 

Starts at $400. Contact us with project requirements.

Simple static website $400 – 4 pages with contact form (WordPress, Wix, ..)

ecommerce store from $600 (WooCommerce, Shopify)

Other web design projects  – contact us.



If you need a new way to see at your project and provide suggestions we provide 15min free remote consultations. Here you can describe your project/idea get some inputs to improve your project.

Hourly consulting rate $80. If you start working on the project with us this fee will be refunded towards to the project.

Starts from 45 CAD