Premium PLA Filament Made in Canada. PLA filament resin is derived from corn and is biodegradable. The filament is 1.75mm in diameter and is sold in 1kg spools.

Filament has semi-matte finish.

Strong eco-friendly spools manufactured out of chipboard in North America, designed to not delaminate and create dust.

PLA is a biobased polymer derived from natural resources and offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint compared to oil-based
plastics. This PLA is a high heat, high viscosity, PLA homopolymer suitable for film extrusion, thermoforming or fiber spinning.
Compared to standard PLA, these PLA homopolymers have higher melting points and an increased rate of crystallization. As a result,
compounds containing PLA homopolymers are suitable for the production of semicrystalline parts, which exhibit a higher temperature

Material & Additional Information

  • Weight: 1 KG
  • Diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Material: PLA +/-0.03
Weight 1000 g


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Canadian Filaments – Black PLA Filament

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