• Over-current protection: This module features a flexible use potentiometer or voltage divider using two resistors, allowing you to limit the current as desired within a 0-25A range.
  • Load power cut-off: In case of an overcurrent, the load power will cut off completely to protect the load.
  • Fault indication: A red LED is provided to indicate when a fault has occurred.
  • Reset button: A reset button is provided to clear the fault, and if the fault persists, the load power will cut off immediately to protect the load.
  • Power indication: A green LED is provided to indicate when the circuit is powered in the correct polarity and when output power is available.
  • GND and Sense pin outputs: GND and Sense pin outputs are available using a header for easy connection to other devices.
  • Optional voltage regulation: An optional 12V and 5V voltage regulation output is available in the same header as the GND and Sense pin outputs.
  • Input Voltage: 5-48V
  • Input Current: 0-25A

This DC Circuit Power Protection Module is the perfect solution for protecting your equipment from power surges and overcurrents. With its flexible current limit settings and automatic load power cut-off, it provides reliable protection for your equipment while also providing easy-to-read status indicators and a reset button for troubleshooting. It’s suitable for a wide range of applications, and the optional voltage regulation output makes it even more versatile

Weight 100 g


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DC Circuit Power Protection module 5-48V / 0-25A (circuit protection module)

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