• Insulation Material: Rubber
  • Conductor Material: Copper
  • Color: white
  • Size: 26AWG OD 0.7mm
  • conductor: tinned copper
  • Low temperature: -80 degree
  • High Temperature: 200 degree
Rated voltage: 30V
Rated temperature: -80 ~ +200 °C high temperature Teflo
Conductor using tinned-plated copper Inner copper wire 7*(0.16~0.06 mm2) Insulation FEP Teflo plastic
Has excellent thermal stability and mechanical wear resistant electrical insulation properties, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, corrosion resistance, fire resistance, non-flammability, high oxygen index, low smoke, halogen free, no aging
Ultrafine high temperature electron wire is a very fine electronic wire with excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, chemical stability and solvent resistance. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of special high temperature environment, and it can ensure long-term excellent performance and eliminate safety. Hidden, high-temperature electronic wire is often used in the periphery of high-temperature heating devices such as high-frequency CPU. Production of headphones and other internal resistance is small, the signal is good
Teflon Teflon wire Teflon cable
Weight 20 g



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Teflo Wire 26AWG
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