Where Can I get 3D printed clamps for my research work?

Do you need custom made clamp for mounting sensors to laboratory test equipment. Then, you have come to the right place.

FDM 3D printed clamp

At WP we design and 3D print clamps for mounting sensors to laboratory test equipment.

PLA FDM or UV Resin 3D printing can be used to produce the clamps. We can also produce machined aluminum clamps for applications requiring added durability and stiffness.

Resin 3D printed clamp

A UV resin 3D printed clamp for a linear displacement sensor (LVDT and/or DCDT) used in a laboratory setting is shown in the photo below.

Clamps can be designed in various shapes and sizes to meet your application requirements. Send us a sketch or drawing with dimensions of the clamp you need and we will produce it for you.

Our clamp service is fast and cost effective. 3D printed parts can typically be produced within 3 days. Aluminum parts require approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Contact us now with requirements.

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